Jun. 14th, 2017 01:37 pm
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Back from Reno. Hey! The drive there was nice - good traffic & weather, but the drive HOME was thru rain, then sleet. There was snow Sunday night on the Donner Pass and down to 4000' of elevation! 36 degrees when going thru it at 11am - and only 2 hours after they stopped making chains mandatory. Traffic was still nice. On the downhill side of the mountains, it was in the 70's and lovely - all the way home. Then .. was dead for the rest of Monday.

Tuesday was unpacking, then grocery shopping. Got laundry ready for the next day [today] - and have heard it's supposed to go on beyond the 90's, heat-ways this weekend. Ugh.

So today is likely to be the last 'sane**' day weather-wise. On the 'teeth' front, I get the permanent crowns Monday. The temporaries are sensitive to heat and cold and can't be used like incisors, so the molars are getting a workout.

[**'sane' = YMMV; I like temperatures below the mid-80's, love rain and fog and cool weather]


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