Dec. 25th, 2016

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It's the first year visiting family 400 miles from now-home, where the 'traditional huge family home' was not available, so we are at a hotel for the week. It's a nice place with a HUGE pipe, so I have spent the whole time downloading games from Steam that I've had purchased for *years* - but not wanted to devote the days [instead of hours] it would take to dl them all. **

So that's been nice. Other than that, I'd predicted that without the homestead, the family would not gather on the one side. [I am SO right.] And on the other side, nothing really changes, altho I'm sad that my aunt died this last year. She was always the best.

** = dl'd some of them before, onto my desktop or prior laptops, but 'Sam' here is new and has a terabyte HD, so has room for lots of games.


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