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Am getting over a young-child-vector throat virus of some sort that hit and took 2 weeks to recover from. Other than fever and misery, the weird thing about this illness was - even though there was nasal congestion - my sense of smell did not decrease. Glad to be healthier now. NOT looking forward to the next few weeks of holiday shopping/socializing because I -know- there are viruses 'out there' looking for me. ^_^
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Just found this [SWTOR-based] webcomic =
Spent the day cooking for Thanksgiving and reading the archives .. giggling.
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On the non-smile end of things, I've been sick for a week, but starting to feel better. Came down with a SORE throat last Monday, so didn't want to infect BASFA. Throat was scratchy/sore through until Saturday and I'm only now feeling on the mend. I still feel sleepy [or am sleeping] for far too much of the day.

And this is just a very funny commercial = Trey saw it first, told me about it and must've seen it 3 more times before I was able to catch a view of it. It does make me smile.

Do it!

Nov. 8th, 2016 04:15 pm
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Remember to vote today. You can't complain about the results unless you contributed to them.

Plus - see 'Doctor Strange'. I very much enjoyed the movie and Cumberbunny chewing the scenery.
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Face still hurts from getting the permanent crown cemented in yesterday. Sure wish pain meds worked for me. [shrugs] Still sinus-y & headache-y, but it's not as bad as it was a few days ago. Here's hoping for more improvement.


Oct. 18th, 2016 02:39 pm
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Something about the last 4 days is really laying me out. It could be the weather changing from not-rain - to rain - and back, but I have had the worst sinus headaches. The pain has ruined a birthday party for me [sorry Garth] - and left me in tears before the BASFA meeting. I -really- hope things improve because I feel like a vegetable.
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My face still hurts from the dentist visit yesterday. A nice note to the day was me learning [yes, months after the fact] that 'FFX/FFX-2' was revised/updated/released for PC play and available on Steam. So it would have been awfully nice to do a quick load and then play. So awfully nice. However ... reality gets in the way .. again.

Our DSL has the rampaging speed of an asthmatic hamster. The game is BOTH games, bundled together, so I can't just download 'FFX'. And both games are 34 gigs. As has been demonstrated before [with SWTOR, about 32 gigs, ESO, about 35 gigs & WoW, about 32 gigs] - that means it's a 2 days [plus-ish] download. But then - THEN! - I will have 'FFX' on my computer ... and probably wish I had more time to play it.
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With gil_liant's early retirement we are facing 9 months of minimal medical coverage, until his full retirement benefits begin in [estimated] July. So .. slightly less than a week into this period, I bit into a piece of -bread- last night and a tooth broke. After a night of no sleep, the dentist got me in at 10:30 and saw I needed a crown on that tooth. *sigh*
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... and a friend went in for surgery. He thought the 'after-care' instructions were for someone to hang around for an hour or 2 - but it turns out that he needs to be watched [JIC] for 24 hours, post-op.

His family are all sick right now. So gil_liant volunteered to go, stay there the night - take care of the [losta] cats - and be a sweetheart. So that's sweet and adorbs, but he's gone tonight. That cancelled the Friday game - with the Saturday game already cancelled this weekend. AFAIK, the Sunday game is still on, though.
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And then - adding to the heat - I get hit with an allergy attack and am totally itchy, not able to sleep more than 3 hours. Boy, I'm gonna be 'zombie referee' today.
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There are times that I wish I could store sleep and use it later. Sleep for 12 hours at a time, when it is cool and pleasant [like in winter] and store the excess sleep-time. That way I could use the stored sleep when it is hot and I'm unable to sleep for more than a couple hours.


Aug. 20th, 2016 05:40 pm
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As a topping for the poopy sundae, Leslie called and said my aunt has died. Well .. just .. damn. I love my aunt [and uncle]. They were the 'cool' relatives - the ones who were smart and fun to be around. She had a wonderful sense of style, influenced by years spent in Burma. She was tiny and beautiful and perfect and the world will be a darker place without her. And now I worry for my uncle. She was the light in his life and they were devoted to one another.


Aug. 16th, 2016 02:13 pm
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Sore throat, congestion, body aches and snot monsters. *crawling off to practice looking pitiful*


Aug. 5th, 2016 09:04 pm
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Saw 'Suicide Squad' today and was pleasantly surprised. It's the first DC Comics movie in more than 20 years that I am willing to pay twice to see.

Back home

Jul. 30th, 2016 07:17 pm
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Another 400 mile drive survived, despite the lemming-like other drivers on the road. Yay. Topped the Tejon Pass and escaped the horrible smoke from the Sand fire - and saw the inland valley filled with smoke from the Big Sur fire. Ick.

I'm making a request for less mesquite BBQ'd air. My lungs hate it.


Jul. 28th, 2016 09:55 pm
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Just saw this - and O M G - it seems pretty prophetic.
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After frustration & failure, one of my ESO buddies asked me to try WoW. Fine - the other games weren't working. So I start the Warcraft download - and after -one- gig [1 out of 35] it allows me to launch and start playing the game. I design a character, play her that night [x3 XP from being an 'invited friend'] and had fun. Sure, I couldn't see everything, got stuck in a wall once, but it played.

The next night, I played some more and still had fun. Warcraft finally fully loaded by night's end. Day 3, I checked ESO just to see if there was any message from ESO suggesting another 'fix' to try .. and found that Warcraft's game-load had repaired ESO's launcher. The NEXT ESO patch broke their launcher again, but I ran WoW and it fixed ESO -a 2nd time-.

So I have subscribed to WoW. It is not the best game, the graphics are only okay - but it plays SO well with others. So now I'm playing on SWTOR [Ebon Hawk] - and on ESO - and now on WoW [Aerie Peak].
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And the progressing fail that is ESO no longer supporting Win 7 marches on. I just want to play the kriffing game! Three weeks ago the prior big maintenance patch for ESO ended up with me unable to play ESO on my desktop. This IGNORES my problem with fried RAM that keeps be from being able to use my desktop in the FIRST place, but until last night I could play on my laptop.

Then, as of 3am, the new patch for ESO no longer allows my ASUS laptop to play ESO. The creeping directx11 crap has migrated. Even though I HAVE directx11 installed on Kiki, since my OS is Win7 the game will not play.

So I am trying to upgrade to Win10, despise it though I do, because my laptop does not blue-screen randomly because of RAM faults. If I could have tried doing an upgrade on my desktop first, I would have done so, but ... kriffing RAM fails. My desktop is one fried update download from being a brick now, until I can replace its 16 gigs of RAM sticks. I should not despair, but I am so very close to doing so.
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very funny link =

incredible motion capture 3D fx video =
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30th anniversary weekend. Goofed off, went to movies over the weekend, snuggled. That part was nice. 'Warcraft' movie was surprisingly enjoyable.

Desktop still not working right. Still lazy about fixing it. Still on the old laptop. Still having problems with Kaiser - who are being slow as tar in a snowstorm to communicate with Conexis. Still annoyed by this & about having a piece of jewelry break.
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