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So - all I got for Christmas was a miserable cold. Started on the -night- I drove the 400 miles south to visit family. Drove down Thursday before xmas, drove back the Thursday -after- xmas - and spent every blasted day of that week ... except for Christmas day - confined to bed, sneezing, miserable & coughing like a fog horn.

It's now New Year's Eve. No party plans for this one! Nope, still coughing and sick, but finally starting to recover, but [except for xmas and driving home] have not worn anything but PJs and blankets for 10 days. What a fitting end for 2018.
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Finally reached the end of the month. Ads will likely get worse, but will not be AS annoying to me as this November wherein many advertisers chose to call the whole kriffing month 'Black Friday. All month. Every day. Has bothered the hells out of me and my OCD.
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This is both awesome and quite funny =
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Still Alive After Worldcon 76 [BJH, with apologies to the end song of 'Portal']

This was a triumph.
I'm making a note here:
It's hard to overstate my satisfaction.
Convention fandom.
We do what we must because we can.
For the fan in all of us
and all the books we have read.

WSFS meetings cry over every mistake.
You just keep amending till you run out of cake.
And the motions are done
Business Meeting's begun
For the fans who all will arrive.

I've gone beyond tired.
I'm close to comatose right now.
Fandom gives me energy
and purpose -
And sends me to Con Suite -
to give all the fans a hug and snacks
As they munched, I smiled because
I was so happy for you.

Now the event panels have spilled out of their rooms
twice as much attendance
leaving no one leg room.
But I'm glad for the crowds
even though they are loud
for the fans are all having fun!

So visit the Dealers
my wallet begs me to stay away.
You'll surely find more stuff to buy and carry.
Look at the book sales!
We'll all need a cart to haul the loot
Anyway, the art is great.
It's one more thing I must have.

Look at me directing where the parties will be
after Masquerade and all the judging, we're free.
There's more filking to be done
late night panels still to run
for the fans who are still awake.

And believe me we are still awake.

We're doing Hugos and we're still awake.

I feel exhausted but I'm still awake.

Site Selection says New Zealand's awake.

And next year Dublin will see we're awake.

Worldcon now -

Worldcon then!
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Ordered delivery Italian food that arrived after 2 hours [an hour late] & cold. Some of it could be warmed, some was a loss**. Portion size was large enough that 2 meal-sized-for-me portions could be 'fridged. [At least part of this is me being almost too hungry & upset to eat.]

Ordered the delivery because it's been too dang hot to cook. 1st world problem because it was an option, of course. My fault since I had -just- recommended the place to someone -in part- bragging on their swift delivery. And -also- my fault since I was being experimental and trying something for the first time [**that - when it arrived cold - could not be re-heated & was ruined, tho I tried]. Still bothers me.
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My heart hurts a bit. I -love- the way Seanan McGuire writes - and buy dang near everything she writes. When she tries a new series / new ideas / new whatever, I -may- take it for a library test-drive first. I did that with the 'Wayward Children' series - then bought the 3 that are out in e-book format. She is one of the few writers that I will buy hardback. [Charlie Stross is another.]

So reading that someone did this just hurt:

I respect books and their writers too damn much.
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It's warm. Sunny. Bright. And this is allegedly the coolest day of the next week+. Mid-80s now - over 100 F for the weekend. I hate and do the opposite of thrive in warm bright heat.
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Been sick for 2 weeks and starting to recover. This particular chest cold was bad enough to get Trey sick, too. So we've both been coughing, sneezing and producing lots of phlegm.

Like the day after we came down with this, the secondhand TV we got from Trey's sister broke. Repair costs would be more than replacement. So he's been pricing replacements and yesterday I felt marginally well enough to go outside. We ended up at Best Buy and found a TV for $179 [& 10% off for having a Best Buy card] - so again we have a TV.
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Meeting #1410
August 7, 2017

Trey Haddad, President
Ken Patterson, Vice President
Dave Gallaher, Treasurer
Galen Tripp, Sergeant at Arms
Barbara Johnson-Haddad, Secretary
held at the Black Bear Diner, Milpitas

Called to order at 8 pm
9 people attended

A party jar was established

The minutes of meeting 1409 were missing & their reading was postponed for a week

No Treasurer present, however last week we took in $1.50 in the regular jar & $0.50 in the party jar

the VP reported he has nothing fannish to report & that he is not Chris Garcia

the President had nothing fannish to report

Lisa announced that there is an eclipse coming up

John O announced that SF ComicCon is the 1st week of December & that Heroes and Villians FanFest will also be in December

Kenneth announced the passing of Harmon Nakagama at the age of 88, who was the original guy in the rubber suit for Godzilla movies

John O reviewed 'Expanse' as he read the entire series in about 2 1/2 week, it's interesting world building & is now watching the series & finds the 1st 4 episodes to be good & reviewed 'We are Bob' by Davies Taylor as about a guy who becomes an AI & is a little contrived & it has a lot of humor & reviewed a Campbell nominee 'Info Motracy' as a concept book with somewhat wooden characters & not recommended & reviewed 'War for the Planet of the Apes' as deeper than the 1st 2 & they enjoyed it & there are lots of Easter eggs in it, definitely recommended & reviewed a visit to the Magic Castle in LA as excellent

Yocanan reviewed 'Salvation' [the TV series] as wildly entertaining & reviewed the half book of Connie Willis' 'Blackout' as amazing

Ken reviewed 'Orange is the New Black' as Geri has been chain-smoking them

We did auctions

Adjourned 8:49

And the rumor of the week = 'It's quiet - too quiet'


Jun. 19th, 2017 04:10 am
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Although we had lunch in AC, outside it was 108F. So home being 104F [40C] for 4 hours technically was only one of the outer circles of hell. [If one goes by Dante, the innermost circle is ice ... which I found myself longing for.]

It's 4am and 72F and I can't sleep. Still too hot. I have to be at the dentist at 9am to get the temporary crowns replaced with permanents. I -really- want to go to BASFA tonight, but between the heat and expected tooth discomfort .. I don't know if I can make it. And I SO VERY MUCH don't want being stuck eating soup.


Jun. 14th, 2017 01:37 pm
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Back from Reno. Hey! The drive there was nice - good traffic & weather, but the drive HOME was thru rain, then sleet. There was snow Sunday night on the Donner Pass and down to 4000' of elevation! 36 degrees when going thru it at 11am - and only 2 hours after they stopped making chains mandatory. Traffic was still nice. On the downhill side of the mountains, it was in the 70's and lovely - all the way home. Then .. was dead for the rest of Monday.

Tuesday was unpacking, then grocery shopping. Got laundry ready for the next day [today] - and have heard it's supposed to go on beyond the 90's, heat-ways this weekend. Ugh.

So today is likely to be the last 'sane**' day weather-wise. On the 'teeth' front, I get the permanent crowns Monday. The temporaries are sensitive to heat and cold and can't be used like incisors, so the molars are getting a workout.

[**'sane' = YMMV; I like temperatures below the mid-80's, love rain and fog and cool weather]


Jun. 5th, 2017 12:37 pm
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My face hurts today. Mainly it's my mouth. Last night at 11pm I asked for the TV remote to be tossed to me and I caught it with my mouth. 2 front teeth were shattered [they both had crowns on them] - and luckily the dentist got me in this morning. The roots of both teeth were undamaged, so I can have 2 replacement crowns, instead of needing root canals. 2 hours of dentist work and I have the temporaries in now. So my face hurts.

LJ tricks

Apr. 4th, 2017 06:17 pm
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Live Journal's latest trick is to demand that a new user agreement be agreed to, before one can access the site. Since I am staring at a pop-up alert that states the agreement being demanded is not legally-binding, I'm not going to click 'sure, mess me up'.

Thus it looks like I'm not posting there for the immediate future
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Saw 'Kong - Skull Island' today and enjoyed the hell out of it. Great cast, great monsters, excellent popcorn movie. Lots and lots of fun monsters. There is one clever point at which the 'local' tells some of the [at that point] survivors that one thing to worry about are the ants, giant ants - points to off-screen & says, 'There's one now' - and the movie has been so good up until this point that they didn't NEED to show giant ants. It was very smooth, seamless and just one little bit done well in a movie that IMO is just very, very good.

The hell?

Mar. 20th, 2017 09:37 am
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My allegedly 'heavy-duty gaming mouse' just disintegrated under my hand as I was using it. Top fell off. I managed to push the contacts inside enough to get out of a game I was playing. The the bottom fell off as I moved it aside to get a replacement. [Thankfully, I have several replacement mice due to having a problem with one - the mouse before the now-broke'd one.]
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Another storm is forecast to blow in late tonight [in the 2am thru early morning time-frame]. Sounds like some wind will come along with it. There should be rain, on and off, for a week. Nice!


Feb. 12th, 2017 04:49 pm
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It's sunny today and I don't mind that. The last few months are how winter -should- be IMO: rain, a bit more rain, sprinkles and then a few days of sunshine. This is very akin to my memories of California winter weather until about age 10.
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.... and now for some commercials with a little bit of football wrapped around them.
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Another protest goes up in flames. The thousand protesters make their hypocritical complaints against letting someone express an opinion different then their own, but are stupid [but reasonable] about it. Then several dozen uniformly dark-clad, dark masked 'anarchists' show up, destroy property, burn stuff, throw flares & fireworks at the police - agitate the crowd into copying them - and fade away. Again.

In general, the 'left' is barely able to carry a sign and if they are chanting the same protests, it is by accident. Terrible organizational skills. IMO there is some very rich fascist genius sitting back, paying for & sending in the 'anarchist' squads to discredit progressive protests and turn the tide of sheep-like PR against progressive causes by the tactic of violence. It seems as though only the fascist right wing seems capable of THIS degree of effectiveness.
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